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Valleywide Restoration

Offering Quick Start Services - Starting Within 48-72 Hours!

We are a mitigation focused, full service restorer. We restore properties with skills and techniques acquired through onsite training, certifications, classrooms and years of experience restoring hundreds of losses.

When reconstruction is necessary, we handle the entire job from start to finish, employing the highest level Standard of Care, restoring structures and contents to pre-loss condition and often better than pre-loss conditions.

Valleywide Restoration Professionals

  • Provide You With Great Customer Service
  • Listen To You And Your Needs
  • Provide Quick Start Services within 48-72 hours (Repairing Your Life!)
  • Provide Transparency in Estimates
  • Strive To Exceed Your Expectations
  • Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Insurance Company!

When we arrive on site, we immediately start documenting and identifying the source or cause of loss, affected areas and locations. Using digital photographs, videos, Flir thermal imaging cameras, penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters – we carefully diagnose the problem and provide you with a clear and comprehensive plan of action for restoring your property.

Since 2000 Valleywide Restoration has restored homes in Arizona damaged by floods, plumbing breakage, storm damage, fire & smoke damage and more! Our team of restoration will restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition, on time and within budget - Guaranteed!

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Residential Services

We know that your home is one of your greatest investments, and that it can appreciate in value tremendously over the years. Regular restoration is normal part of keeping your home in optimum condition and retaining its value over time. Our renovation services will beautify the exterior of your home and increase the quality of the interior, whether you plan to occupy the space or if you’re preparing to sell.

Commercial Services

The condition of your commercial property is important because it creates the first impression for your potential customers. It also contributes to the comfort and safety of your current customers when they are in your building - which is why commercial restoration is such an important part of the services that we offer.

To ensure the integrity of your structure, we recommend that you hire a highly-qualified contractor, specializing in the commercial sector like we do.

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