Smart Home Innovations To Keep Your Home Water And Fire Damage Free

water damage gilbert, water damage cleanup gilbertIn the just recent past, the measures you could take to prevent fire and water damage were all the same and relatively simple. Nowadays, however, as technology has progressed tremendously there are more measures you can take to limit or prevent fire and water damage in your home. At Valleywide Restoration in the Gilbert area, we recommend that you take these preventative measures if you can to further decreased the risk of fire or water damage to your home. Here are five of them below:

Water Detection Devices

This is one of the simplest ways to prevent water damage and recognize a flood in the early stages before it becomes too serious. You can purchase one of these from any local retailer that sells plumbing products. Fortunately, these devices are typically inexpensive and very easy to operate. They usually operate on battery power so you can place them wherever you choose throughout your home in places most likely to be the original source of a flood. This should include your bathroom, basement, crawlspace, and laundry room.

Water Pressure Gauges

Although this is not a new technology, it is so valuable it is still worth mentioning. Water pressure that is set too high is the leading cause of leaks and burst pipes. The case, hoses, pipes and water lines can crack under pressure and create a nightmare of home damage. The money spent on a simple, inexpensive device called a water pressure gauge can be one of the best investments you will never make. Simply Attach the gauge to a faucet and turn the water on full force to have a reading your home’s water pressure. If the PSI (pounds per square inch) reading is higher than what is recommended, install a pressure reducing valve—also available at the same hardware, plumbing supply or home improvement store where you purchased the gauge.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors are very similar to normal smoke detectors except they have a couple additional advantages. For one, they can link up with your smartphone and give your real-time notifications. They can also be wired into your home security system and monitored by a central station to alert you and the fire department if the alarm goes off. Furthermore, they can even be set up to shut down your HVAC systems if it detects an excessive level of smoke preventing your vents from spreading smoke throughout the entire house.

Smart Plugs And Outlets

These are very simple, yet remarkably useful tools. From an app on your smartphone, you can turn the lights and appliances on and off. Thus, you never need to worry about having left the house and forgotten to turn the stove off ever again. If you think you may have you only need to check your app and turn it off at the press of a bottom.

We at Valleywide Restoration in Gilbert encourage you to consider implementing these new technologies into your home as they can prevent life-threatening and home destroying disasters.