I just wanted to inform you of the outstanding job that your crew did. We have some extensive water damage to our new home caused by an Air Conditioning leak and your team came in and immediately made us feel comfortable with the treatment process.

Daniel showed up after Kendra scheduled an emergency visit for expedited treatment. Daniel thoroughly explained the process step-by-step and insured me that all would be back to normal soon. He and Carlos were cautious to protect our home from further distribution and mess. Daniel called in Mike and his team to further expedite the process.

Your guys took pride in their work and treated our home as their own. Please send a big thank you to the guys as they have helped to take the sting out of the process. Thank you.

- Mike Clack

After a recent water incident in our home, we interviewed several contractors and chose Valleywide Restoration. Bryan Lewis upheld every deadline and timeframe with wonderful results. We would recommend him and his team to anyone!

Awesome job Bryan!!!

- Gail Gindro

Your guys responded extremely well…everyone was prompt, professional, and clean…your guys have been excellent.

- Phil Marcotte

Roof looks great. Stucco repair was perfect! Keep it up!

A Lovely experience.

Reliable, excellent quality of work, prompt and on time.

- Denise Missimer Tempe, AZ

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the work your company did in restoring my home. The flood was a traumatic event to say the least. It is emotionally and psychologically scarring to see my home undergo such destruction. The rescue crew you sent did much to allay my fear and my grief. They treated my home with respect despite the fact that the work called for them to rip out walls and ceilings. They were kind to me and respectful of my family.

Then the real work began in reconstructing my home. There were a few obstacles we faced with subcontractors and suppliers. However, Brad Bell was the most patient, supportive, and genuinely kind individual I think I have ever met, let alone worked with. He is the greatest asset to Valleywide as without him, I don't think I could have endured the long and difficult process without reassurances, his constant communication, and most importantly and above all else, his trustworthiness.

I also thank you for being a man of integrity, Bryan and in supporting Brad, you supported me and my children in getting our house again to be our home. Thank You.

- Susan Moore

Well done everyone!

Well, as a first time home buyer, my stomach dropped and quite literally I thought I was going to throw up when I stepped into my new home and water was everywhere. However thanks the Badger Mutual and Valley Wide Restoration, my nightmare became and dreams come true.

The same night as the flood I was able to speak with a representative of Badger Mutual, which honestly took me by surprise, then imagine the shock when at 7am the next morning; literally 9 hours after the flood, when I see the crew from Valley Wide at my door ready to work.

The house came out even better than before and needless to say these made my wife vary happy, which in turn makes me happy.

On top of that I was quite pleased with the integrity of the employees and workers. The entire time that I was in the home during the restoration process; which as a worried new home owner was quite often I never once heard a choice word spoken in Spanish or English. If I could only get those types of employees to work with me!!! Also did I mention that one time I was doing some work outside of the house when and man named Arnaldo; who was doing the floors, invited me to lunch!!!!

Wow, and thank you so much is all I can really say.

I would recommend Badger, and Valley Wide to ANYONE!

And just so you know I’m not just all talk, the folks and Badger will be getting a phone call from my father who is switching from Allstate to Badger.

- Kyle Cluff

We are writing this letter to thank you and all of the team members involved with our restoration.

Our three year old son called them “Our Hero’s.” When he said it, we chuckled, how cute. We now realize he was right. Working until 1:00AM, they really showed that we were a priority and showed their commitment to getting the job done. For their professionalism and friendliness, especially to our children, we are grateful.

You have been terrific through this experience. We commend you and your team for all of their hard work and efforts. Thank you, we wish all the best.

With Appreciation,

- The Terrell family: Michael, Nicole, Caelum, Cambren and Caegen

Thank you for your follow-up with us. It is rare in today's "customer service" arena to get such professionalism from a company. We have appreciated your company's service from my original panic phone call I placed at 9:30 pm on a Thurs evening, letting you know our home was being flooded. Within an hour your crew arrived.

They assessed the entire situation. They were calming for us as well as giving us the assurance they could handle the job in a very timely manner. Without delay things started to happen. Before I knew it, fans were being brought in, base-board removed, furniture repositioned carpet lifted, etc. All done with extreme care and respect for our property.

The very next day a schedule was set up of for us on the process of getting everything done. In less than a few days, our home was put back to together. I felt you never cut corners to get the work accomplished. For that and everything mentioned above....WE truly Thank you! I am happy to give you a recommendation anytime.

Very Sincerely,

- Craig and Kathryn Grimco

To ALL the Employees at Valleywide Restoration, Inc.:

I want to personally thank each and every one of you. My thanks and appreciation go out to the following persons: Bryan, Wyatt, Kaden, Quincy, Noah, Josh, Alberto, Herman, Daniel, Alicia (Alberto’s helper/painter), Jose and Evelyn (who laid the laminate flooring), Francisco (who did the plumbing), and last, but certainly not least, Tanya. Please forgive me if I have left anyone out or misspelled anyone’s name.

I couldn’t have asked for a better company and group of people/workers who all did a fantastic job in restoring my laundry room and two bedrooms from a laundry room disaster of the hose on my water heater bursting a leak, putting a hole through the drywall of not only the laundry room, but my master bedroom, as well, flooding my master bedroom floor and causing mold and mildew as a result of it all.

A special Thank You to Bryan, who took the time and patience to explain everything to me regarding the whole situation, about all the different kinds/colors of mold, and what I could expect to take place during the demolition, cleaning, and restoration. And also a special Thank You to Tanya for your understanding and kind attitude each and every time I needed to call the office for whatever reason.

Everyone not only did a wonderful job of restoring my home to “better than before,” but you each did it with integrity, a smile on your face, and a great attitude. That, I believe, makes a huge difference to a home-owner having work done on their home.

I am grateful to you all for all the work that was done and I now know why Valleywide Restoration, Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs restoration work done in/to their home.

My compliments to you all – and many, many thanks,

- Robert Hubbard

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