Stay Dry! Tips for Home

Water Damage Repair Mesa, Water Damage Mesa, Water Damage Cleanup MesaAlthough Mesa typically receives only 10 inches of rain per year, we can get more than an inch in one day. And 300 days of sun won’t help when your home is soaked! An unpredictable deluge can leak through concrete, stone, block or sheetrock walls to damage structures and belongings. Or a broken pipe can leave a small lake in your living room. “This Old House” and Valleywide Restoration suggest some preventive measures will help keep your house dry from the bottom up.

Look High…

When clogged gutters overflow, water can pool around your foundation. Remove any leaves and debris, then install leaf guards and downspout extenders to direct downpours 10 feet from the house. Inspect the roof annually for damage that could allow a torrent into the home.

And low…

Make sure surrounding soil is pitched away from the house at a slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot so that precipitation drains toward your yard, not your foundation. Simply add soil, making it smooth until the grade is highest at the house’s perimeter. Water it well; it will settle and compress a little.

…And wide.

Mature trees will help absorb a flash flood and stabilize the yard. Additionally, the National Forest Service suggests that having two trees, every 25 feet in height, placed on the east and west side of the home, can save as much as 25% of cooling costs. Naturally, having other mature trees such Arizona’s state tree, the Palo Verde, will also give it more curb appeal and provide protection from flooding.

And Inside!

Moisture enters the home at two speeds- really slow and way too fast. Chronic humidity such as improperly vented laundry rooms can allow mold and mildew to grow. Leaky pipes or dripping A/C units leave an environment ripe for germs and bacteria to flourish. On the other hand, acute plumbing problems such as clogged laundry outflows or leaky windows bring a lot of H20 into your home all at once. These are the least predictable problems and any suspected damage to pipes should be inspected immediately.

The urgent call!

If you discover standing water in your home, stay safe! Don’t risk serious injury if your home floods; it can contain harmful bacteria. If you must venture into a flooded room, wear waterproof rubber boots. Avoid touching or using electrical devices (except for a battery-powered flashlight) because this puts you at risk of electrical shock or electrocution.

Contact a professional remediation team with a 24-hour service team such as Valleywide Restoration to pump standing water out and help you deal with water-damaged items. Valleywide also offers repair and rebuild services after the loss.

Long range protection

If you’ve seen moisture or smelled mildew, contact a mold specialist to inspect your basement. Controlling the humidity levels in your home is key to protecting your home, health, and family. High humidity in your home can cause to smell, have poor air quality and produce mold growth.

Emergencies can come from high or low, be long-term or immediate in nature. Look for a team that can handle water extraction and structural drying for your predicament. Professional water damage restoration companies like Valleywide Restoration provide urgent 24/7 services and can quickly respond to your property damage emergency, assess the problem, and begin work – day or night.

Water damage cleanup services provide for:

  • Leaking or frozen water lines or pipes
  • Overflowing sinks, bathtubs or toilets
  • Washing machine, dishwasher overflow
  • Flooded Basements
  • Heavy Rains
  • Roof Leaks
  • Cresting rivers or streams