Water Damage Cleanup Process In Gilbert

water damage cleanup gilbert, water damage restoration gilbert, water damage gilbertIf you have ever experienced a flood in your home, you may know all too well the amount of stress and headache it can cause. What you may not realize is that it can also be overwhelmingly confusing. This is one of the major reasons that individuals choose to contact a water damage cleanup company, like Valleywide Restoration in Gilbert

Here at Valleywide Restoration, we want to help you better understand the in’s and out’s of what we, as a professional restoration company, will assess, repair, and restore during a water damage cleanup project

Water Damage Cleanup In Gilbert

First, professional water damage technicians will assess the drywall in your home. Drywall is notorious for quickly absorbing water which can make it more susceptible to damage. While it is absorbing the water, it is also absorbing contaminants that are in the water. Depending on the type of floodwater in your home, the drywall might need to be replaced because of the contamination. 

The next assessment is of the insulation in the wet area. If insulation has come into contact with floodwater, the drywall will actually be the determining factor of whether or not it can be restored or if it will need to be replaced. Foam insulation can usually be washed and dried off, but, if you have fiberglass or cellulose insulation, this will need to be removed and replaced with new insulation. 

Then, the framing and studs inside the home are assessed. Water damage can cause structural damage and make your home uninhabitable and unsafe. Luckily, the framing in your home likely will not need to be replaced. It will probably need to be disinfected and dried out and then covered with insulation and drywall. 

The flooring inside the home is next in line for assessment. Most often, carpets and laminate flooring will need to be replaced, especially if the water has sufficiently soaked through into the padding below. Occasionally, if removed and cleaned immediately following the flooding, rugs can be salvageable. 

Electrical wiring and plumbing will also need to be assessed. If flooding has damaged these they can cause further hazards for you and your family. Our professionals will review and repair these as needed to ensure they are safe for use again. Along with that, we will make sure that your HVAC systems are also safe for use again.

It is also important to have each appliance affected by the flooding cleaned and repaired by professionals. Flooding can damage the wiring and tubing inside of them and cause them to short out, spark, or release dangerous gases. You definitely don’t want to add a home fire or explosion into the aftermath of a home flood. 

We hope that from this brief guide you now have a better understanding of the in-depth work that goes into cleaning up and restoring a home following a flood. With any significant amount of flooding, it is always safer to hire professionals to clean up the damage than to try and do it yourself, potentially leaving behind hazards in your home or business.