Maintain Your Home and Prevent Water Damage

water damage gilbert, water damage restoration gilbertThe easiest way to prevent water damage in your home is to begin by maintaining it. Here are 5 successful ways you can prevent water damage.

  1. Track Your Water Usage: The easiest and most successful way to prevent water damage through known information is to simply keep track of your water bill. If your finances are normal and averaging out the same every month with no large irregularities, you are likely not going to miss any water damage problems. You also may consider installing water detection devices if you have had problems with water damage previously. However, there is still the possibility that water damage is not occurring through in-home pipes and water outlets, but rather from outside sources surrounding the home, such as rain gutters, or nearby areas.
  2. Routinely Check Rain Gutters: By checking your rain gutters and clearing them often, you can prevent water damage to your home. You may choose to check them once a month with additional check-ups during more precipitous months, or you may choose to check them annually with the turn of the seasons. In any case, set a regular schedule so that if a problem arises, you can catch it before it turns into hundreds of dollars in water damage. Clogged gutters can cause water to flood over the roof, and slide down the walls of your home damaging both the siding and eventually the base foundation of your home.
  3. Maintain Your Downspouts: Be sure to maintain your downspouts and notice where they are placed around your home. A good rule of thumb is to make sure they are at least 5 feet away from the walls of your house. Overflow that is not under control may lead to puddles and a greater possibility of standing water close to your foundation.
  4. Know Your Landscape: There are certain types of trees and plants that can affect your yard water drainage system, water lines, foundation, septic tank and pipes due to their invasive roots. Among these, but not limited to, are weeping willows, cottonwoods, and American elms. Know your planting habits and where your trees and water control plans converge. Never hesitate to call an expert if you’re unsure.
  5. Locate Missing Roof Shingles and Replace Them: Sometimes, a missing roof shingle or a line of them may provide the way for water to access areas that otherwise would not be subject to water damage. Especially during monsoon season in Gilbert, it is important to make sure your home is sealed against the seasons.
  6. Know Weather Patterns and Trends in Your Area: Being aware and prepared for weather that may cause water damage is an important part of damage prevention. With natural flooding, you can use a variety of techniques to keep water where it belongs: in nature.

Essentially, using preventative water damage methods in your home through maintenance is the easiest method for fixing water damage. However, if you do find that your water usage bills are showing irregularities, or you observe large puddles and areas of water, you may want to check your home for leaks and water damage. Never hesitate to call a licensed water damage restoration service provider like Valleywide Restoration in Gilbert to help remedy your situation.