3 Reasons Not To DIY Water Damage

water damage chandler, water damage cleanup chandlerDIY home repair and renovation has quickly become one of the most popular trends in America. Naturally, that focus on DIY repairs has led many people to believe that they can clean up the water damage on their own. While this may work for very minor spills, your best choice is to always involve a professional cleaning and restoration company. A professional team will not make the same mistakes that commonly happen when homeowners try to clean up water damage on their own. Three of those common mistakes homeowners make are included below. If you ever do suffer from water damage, our team of restoration contractors at Valleywide Restoration in the Chandler area is here to help!

Underestimating The Seriousness Of The Situation

Upon first inspection, it can be difficult to determine how serious a water damage issue is. Water could bring in a harmful and dangerous bacteria that can make people sick. Floodwaters can cause serious structural damage that will only be recognized by professionals. Typically, the extent of the damage ends up being much more serious than anyone realizes when they first look at it. But, a professional water damage restoration team has seen water damage time and time again and they know what to expect. They know what signs to look for and how to inspect and repair a water damaged area so that the integrity of a property is secured. 

Overlooking The Details

Professionals do not overlook the small details. They are looking for them. When people try to DIY water damage, they often miss small pockets of water that eventually turn into a serious mold issue. Some people don’t think about turning off the electricity so that they do not accidentally electrocute themselves. When a professional team comes in, they make sure the property is safe and secure to enter first. They inspect every area that could be affected. Even if it seems like water couldn’t have gotten to certain areas, it can. 

Using The Wrong Equipment

Even if you understand how to clean and repair water damage, if you don’t have the proper equipment and tools used by restoration companies then you aren’t going to be able to properly clean, dry, and repair the water damage. At Valleywide Restoration in the Chandler area, we utilize state-of-the-art industrial fans and water damage restoration equipment. Our industrial fans allow us to dry out affected areas much more quickly than any other available means would be able to. We are also able to pump water out of your home more quickly than you would be able to with a typical pump bought at a home improvement store. Finally, when it comes to repairing the damage done to your possessions by the water, you will want to enlist the help of a cleaning and restoration company. Otherwise, you won’t have the proper equipment to remove the damage and have your home and possessions restored back to their original conditions.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Valleywide Restoration for help restoring your home after a water damage disaster!