Do’s And Dont’s Of Water Damage Restoration

water damage chandler, water damage cleanup chandlerWater is great; it’s fun and essential to everyday life. But, it can also be dangerous. As human beings, it is natural to be slightly apprehensive about water. Water can pose serious risks to humans and animals so it is natural and healthy to respect the water and take proper precautions. If you are going out on a rafting trip, you wear a lifejacket. You monitor the behavior of children when they are around ponds, rivers, or even just buckets full of water. Lifeguards watch pools anytime anyone is in them to ensure that everyone involved is safe. Extreme safety measures are also taken with the water that we bathe in and consume.

Water also has the potential to harm your personal property. There are precautions you can take as a homeowner to minimize the risk of water damage, like paying attention to your water bill, replacing pipes or appliances that look suspect, and keeping your drains clean and clog-free. However, water damage still happens sometimes even in homes that take the best preventative measures. So, you’ve sustained some water damage in your Chandler home? It’s okay; it happens. What you do from here and how fast you take care of it will determine the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.

Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to remember in restoring your home from water damage


  • Consider Safety First. If you’re in a flooding situation and can access your electricity controls, turn them off. Don’t come into contact with contaminated water
  • Assess the situation. Where is the water coming from? Is there a simple solution that can be applied to prevent water from continuing to flow into your home? Even if you feel like you’re sticking a band-aid on a bullet hole, these measures can really help.
  • If you have sensitive items in danger of being exposed to water and they are safely accessible, stow them away in safe, dry places.
  • Remove rugs and other loose objects from the floor. Left alone, these things can bleed and stain your carpets and floors.


  • Forget to shut off your water. A surprisingly high percentage of people get caught up in the stress of the situation and forget to complete this quick step that will nip some emergencies in the bud.
  • Try to fix it on your own. Call a professional to help you with the necessary restoration training and equipment. They will help you to ensure that your home is completely dry. Water in your home is one thing and certainly not ideal, but it’s much worse if not handled properly right away because it can grow mold which is dangerous, stinky, and hard to get rid of.

In Chandler, Valleywide Restoration acts with urgency to take care of your emergency. Don’t hesitate- take the first step to minimizing your water damages and call right now.