Water Damage Clean Up Tips

water damage chandler, water damage cleanup chandler, water damage remediation chandlerDrying out your home and personal property after a flood or other type of water disaster is a dirty, time-consuming job. It can be overwhelming and as a homeowner, y0u may not know where to start. Whether you are tackling a minor water damage situation, or a large disaster involving major flooding and contamination, the professional water damage cleanup crew at Valleywide Restoration in Chandler has the manpower and equipment to help you clean up the mess quickly and minimize the extent of the damage. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider before taking on a water damage emergency.

Stay Safe

In any water damage remediation job, safety should be the top priority. If there is standing water, be sure that the power has been completely turned off; don’t operate any electrical equipment in rooms with standing water. Protect your hands, eyes, and mouth; assume that all floodwater may be contaminated with harmful substances and stay out of it.

If the water comes from an inside source like refrigerators and washing machines, it is most likely clean and unharmful. But the water that comes in from sewage leaks or flooding from an outside source can contain harmful contaminants and bacteria that can cause illness in both people and animals. If you are unsure about where the water is coming from, stay safe and leave it alone until a professional water damage remediation team arrives.

Before You Dive In…

Take plenty of photographs of the damage before beginning the cleanup process as documentation for insurance claims and adjustments. Be sure to include photos of damaged structures, as well as items from the affected areas. If you can’t immediately complete the project, repair any locations where water can re-enter the building. For example, use tarps or plywood covered with tar paper to patch a roof.

Get The Air Moving

Drying and circulating air is crucial when dealing with water damage. Start with more convenient options first. Open the windows if the weather is good. If it’s safe to use electricity, set up box fans to help circulate air throughout the space. Pedestal fans can be directed to dry higher areas, and window fans can bring in and circulate fresh air from outside.

Open cabinet and closet doors, take out drawers in furniture or cabinets to increase airflow. Avoid using a central air or heating system with any ductwork that has been submerged, as that could blow mold, dirt or other contaminants into the living space.

If you need more powerful options, Valleywide has circulators and blower fans that can efficiently move air closer to floor level to quickly dry the floors. For larger jobs, they will bring portable dehumidifiers to remove excess water vapor from the air.  

Address The Wet “Stuff”

Once the air is flowing, it’s time to start dealing with individual items. Remove any soaked items and place outdoors, preferably in sunlight, to dry. It’s important to focus on larger water-soaked items first, like rugs and upholstered furniture. If these soft items have been affected by dirty water, they should be thrown away to avoid harmful bacteria and other contaminants.

On a large project, Valleywide will pull up flooring that traps water, like vinyl or linoleum, to allow sub-floors to dry. They will remove and properly dispose of wet insulation from walls and under floors. Pull down drywall that was in the water, as it usually deteriorates, and mold grows easily on the backing paper.

Plan To Prevent Mold

When recovering from a significant flood, any surfaces that could have come in contact with bacteria from sewage or floodwater must be fully disinfected by professionals. If you are dealing with a clean leak from rainwater or pipes, disinfection isn’t as high of a priority, but always a safe choice.

When You Discover Water Damage In Chandler

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