5 Signs That Your Home Foundation Is Suffering Water Damage

water damage chandler, water damage restoration chandler, water damage repair chandlerA common mistake for those who build or buy a home is forgetting about the foundation after it has been set. It’s easy to take the condition of your foundation for granted because you don’t see it. One of the most potent causes of foundation damage is moisture. Thus, it’s important that you do pay close attention to your foundation so you can notice any water it has sustained right away. From our water damage restoration professionals at Valleywide Restoration in Chandler, below are five ways your home’s foundation can be damaged by moisture. 

Saturated Soil Around The Perimeter Of The Home

It’s normal for your soil to be saturated with water during a rainstorm, but this shouldn’t be constantly happening. When the soil around your home is constantly saturated with moisture, the moisture can slowly wear down your foundation causing cracks or weak spots. There are two main ways that you can prevent this from happening. First, you should make sure the slope of your yard is graded away from your home so water gradually runs away. Second, you should make sure your rain gutters are clear of debris so they can do their job of effectively filtering water away from your home. 

Water In The Crawl Space Or Foundation

If there is already water in either of these areas, you probably already have serious foundation issues. Water inside the foundation area can be a sign of an internal source like broken pipes, but also external water entering through cracks in the foundation. It can also lead to weakened supports, especially with wooden structures.

Cracks In The Stem Wall Or Foundation Perimeter

When soil shifts or settles the changing support to the foundation can cause cracks to form. While there can be other causes of shifting soil, water is the most common, and is a clear signal for potential damage. Cracks in the stem wall can cause walls to lose support and lead to further damage by allowing more water into the foundation.

Cracks In The Foundation Floor

Water can lead to cracks in the foundation floor through something known as hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure exerts an upward force on your foundation that can lead to cracks and weakened structural support. 

Gaps In The Foundation And Perimeter

One final sign of a foundation affected by water damage is gaps in the foundation and perimeter. Water in the soil can cause it to move or expand. When homes are on higher grades the soil can move downhill at a rate that can cause foundation support to weaken.

Water Damage In Chandler

While some of these causes of water damage to your foundation may be unavoidable, you can at least mitigate the damage significantly by checking your foundation for damage regularly. When you do so, or hire someone to do so, make sure that the five causes are given priority when damage is searched for. Last of all, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Valleywide Restoration in Chandler for help repairing any damage you find right away.