Beware Of Water Damage Cleanup Caused By Sprinkler Systems

water damage cleanup gilbert, water damage gilbert, water damage repair gilbertWe all know how important our sprinkler systems in Gilbert are to keep our yards from scorching in the summer sun. While we don’t have to worry about blowing out sprinkler systems in the fall to prevent frozen pipes, we still need to take into consideration proper maintenance of our sprinkler systems to avoid any potential water damage and cleanup costs that they may cause. While most residential flooding is associated with heavy rains, broken water pipes, or overflowing appliances, sprinkler systems can be culprits also. Here are some things you should look for this fall to ensure your sprinkler system isn’t going to start watering inside your home.

Water Damage Cleanup In Gilbert


When sprinklers overshoot their intended watering targets and spray on or near your walls, water can seep into the foundation and possibly into your basement. Especially if it is happening every day. The longer water is targeted at a specific area of your home, the weaker and more susceptible that area will become to leaks. 

Improper Installation: 

Your sprinkler system delivers water to different zones via a series of underground rubber tubes or hoses that are connected to your home’s main water line. If these hoses get a leak in them near your foundation, water may find its way inside. 

Broken Pipes: 

Since the pipes that supply the water to your sprinkler system are connected to your water line, any build up in pressure in any of the pipes could cause them to burst and break inside or outside. Broken pipes lead to flooding water, so you want to make sure all the lines are clear and water pressure is normal so there is no extra strain on any of your water pipes.

User Error: 

Changing the setting on your system that is not recommended by the manufacturer may lead to problems or malfunctions in the system that could result in water damage to your home. It is recommended to have your sprinkler systems checked at least once a year by a professional, and it is also a good idea to have them blown out to ensure there are no clogs anywhere in your lines. 

Sprinkler systems are a great convenience to homeowners here in Gilbert, but failure to maintain them properly may result in water damage and cleanup costs. Whether the damage to your home is caused by the sprinkler system, an overflowing dishwasher, or any other source, you can call the experts at Valleywide Restoration. Water damage requires a fast response and expert knowledge – which is why we provide 24/7 services. With more than 15 years of experience and thousands of homes restored, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands with us. We specialize in water damage cleanup from any cause, and will ensure proper extraction, structural drying, contents restoration, and all repairs and reconstruction are taken care of to ensure your home is cleaned up and restored correctly. If you are in Gilbert or the surrounding area and are in need of water damage cleanup, call Valleywide right away.